Topic Of The Month: Alzheimer’s

January 19, 2017

Recently we participated in the Alzheimer’s Walk in Chico, CA to raise funds for researching in finding a cure. This is a walk that hits close to home for this organization. Happy at Home was a gold sponsor for this event, and helped the Chico Alzheimer’s Walk raise more than their proposed goal. Our team also doubled in size this year helping to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s and enabling us to double more than our fundraised amount in 2015. With more than 5 million Americans living with this disease, we find it important to share knowledge about this disease and sources of information to help you and your loved ones.

The Alzheimer’s Association in Chico, CA is a great resource for those individuals who may have just been diagnosed and the caregivers that will be providing support for their loved one. They offer many support groups and educational programs. is a great resource for information. You are not in this fight alone!

Happy at Home cares for many individuals battling all forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. We work closely with the family to help them and provide support through this difficult time.